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In a recent national survey, dealership service managers said they use BG Products as their supplier of fluid maintenance service products and equipment by a margin of nearly 3 to 1 over any other supplier.

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BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner


BG 44K® safely, rapidly and thoroughly removes engine deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves. It restores flow in fuel injectors and cleans the entire fuel system. BG 44K® improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions.

It restores that “like new” driveability to an engine’s performance and keeps it running better, longer and more efficiently. Add one can or bottle to fuel tank at fill up. Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.

BG MOA Engine Oil Supplement

BG_OilChange_110BG MOA® is the number one engine oil supplement! In a recent survey, dealers chose BG MOA® 6 to 1 over the next aftermarket supplier.

Modern engines run at increasingly higher temperatures. This, combined with the increasing regularity of stop-and-go driving, cause rapid depletion of critical oil additives. Without these protective additives, severe engine oil oxidation occurs. Oxidation reduces oil to heavy, black sludge in the crankcase, oil screens, oil passages, rocker arms and other critical areas of the engine.